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Why Malaysia?

Studying abroad doesn't have to be just a dream anymore. Malaysia welcomes all international students from primary to tertiary levels, offering quality education that is more affordable than you may have thought. Besides home-grown schools and universities, Malaysia has world renowned international schools and universities setting up branch campuses in the country to provide world-class education opportunities to bot Malaysian and international students.

The Malaysian government has placed every effort in ensuring that the quality of education in Malaysia, offered both by higher educational institutions and international schools, are of global standards. Our well structured higher education system offers you the opportunity to pursue an international qualification that is recognised, reputable and affordable.

In addition, the multicultural community of Malaysia supports the institutions' aim to make its students global citizens. International students are exposed to multiple languages, cultures and traditions as well as a wide variety of culinary treats and places of interest to explore. There are not many countries in this world can offer the type of learning environment that Malaysia offers to international students.

Malaysia is ranked the world's 11th most preferred education destination in the world among international students by UNESCO. This shows that Malaysia has definitely won the confidence of international students for its quality education and enriching student experience. Here are some key reasons why you should choose Malaysia when deciding to study abroad

Why US?

Success Edu Consult has long standing partnership with several universities in Malaysia and we have a reputation of success in assisting students apply at a university, get their student pass, get a students visa in their home country and settle into the Malaysian environment as well on arrival in Malaysia.

Here is a list of our partner universities in Malaysia:

Tuition cost

With progressively modern, emerging metropolitan life, Malaysian cities welcome increasing amounts of international guests per year. Having set the ambitious goal of becoming the world’s sixth largest education exporter by 2020, Malaysia’s higher education sector is rapidly advancing, making it a popular study choice for international students.

As well as public universities, there are three types of private tertiary education institutions in Malaysia: private colleges, foreign branch campus universities and Malaysian private universities.


International students also have the unique option of ‘twinning’ when studying in Malaysia, offering students the chance to complete their undergraduate degree across partnering institutions in two different countries. Participating countries include the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany and the US.

Public universities

Public universities are government-funded and self-managed, and will generally be your cheapest study option. For example, public university Universiti Utara Malaysia charges the following per course, by subject area:

  • IT: RM 8,900-RM 9,910 (US $2,282 - US $2,542)

  • Hospitality Management: RM 9,090-RM 9,390 (US $2,331 - US $2,408)

  • Other programmes: RM 8,690-RM 8,890 (US$ 2,229 - US $2,280)

Private universities

At a Malaysian private university, students would look to pay around the following per course, by subject area:

  • Business: RM 30,000 - RM 40,000 (US $7,695 - US $10,260)

  • Engineering: RM 46,000-RM 52,000 (US $11,800 - US $13,338)

  • IT: RM 33,000-RM 43,000 (US $8,465 - US $11,030)

  • Medicine: RM 250,000-RM 333,000 (US $64,127 - US $85,417)

  • Hospitality & Tourism: RM 31,000-RM 55,000 (US $7,951 - US $14,108)

  • Music: RM 53,000-RM 59,000 (US $13,595 - US $15,134)

Private colleges

Private colleges would roughly charge around the following per course, by subject area:

  • Business: RM 39,000-RM 52,000 (US $10,003 - US $13,338)

  • Engineering: RM 45,000-RM 47,000 (US $11,542 - US $12,055)

  • IT: RM 33,000- RM 40,000 (US $8,464 - US $10,260)

  • Hospitality & Tourism: RM 45,000-RM 48,500 (US $11,542 - US $12,440)

  • Music: RM 54,000 (US $13,850)


Specific institutions also offer a number of scholarship options to international students in Malaysia.


Success Edu Consult will assist you through the whole application process and furthermore in your visa application until your arrival in Malaysia.

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