Success Language Center is a 21st Century language school located in Saint Petersburg Russia. We are a major player in the sphere of education and have been in operation for over 8 years. We teach basically; General English, Business English, English for traveling and we prepare clients for standardized English tests (TOEFL, IELTS, FCE and CAE)


Our clients are the leading companies of various business areas: large industrial enterprises, financial corporations, banks, telecommunication companies, software developers, construction companies, tourist and hotel industries, international transport operators, etc. We also have private lessons and conversation classes in cafes.


We believe that learning any foreign language should be fun and exciting. At Success Language Center, we make learning English an exciting experience for our clients. We don't just offer English courses, but we offer them at your convenience. This means that you choose a day, time and place convenient for you. We simply make learning fun and exciting. 

Our Teachers  

At Success Language Center, majority of our teachers are native speakers and a few professionally certified Russian teachers for our beginner students. We make an effort to employ only native speakers in order to give our clients the best there is to offer.

Success|Language Center


Tel: +7-964-393-18-52, +7-996-498-79-20

Email: info@succeng.com


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Saint Petersburg, Russia